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Yes I Need This NOW!

Does this sound like you...?

👉 Everyone says that your business should be on Instagram but you don’t really see the point 

👉 You've started using Instagram but you have no idea what you're doing and you're not getting any new followers

👉 You wonder why people aren't 'liking' photos of your breakfast (seriously, what's wrong with these people?)

👉 You wouldn't know a good hashtag strategy if it bit you on the bum

👉 You're fed up reading endless blog posts trying to teach yourself what everything means

👉 You understand how to use Instagram for a personal account but you want to know how to use it to drive traffic to your blog, online shop or local business

We see so many business owners who know that they want to be on Instagram but to them it's just another thing that they don't have time to learn. Through our workshops we've seen the struggles that small business owners have and wanted to make a course that was not only practical but enjoyable to complete... because you get real results!

"This course is excellent value for money!"
                                       Alison Vickery


Stop feeling frustrated with Instagram

Imagine having the answer to every question about Instagram that you’ve ever had, as well as the inspiration, skills and strategy to grow your following;


Get InstaSavvy is an online Instagram training course showing you everything you need to know to build your business on Instagram and grow your following today.

Using a combination of videos, pdf downloads and live Q&A calls, you'll have all the support & hand-holding you need to take your Instagram account from Struggle Street to Winningsville.

It's been created by two Aussie chicks specifically for people living outside the USA. They realised that their Instagram feed & features were different to what was available in the USA, so they created 'Get Instasavvy' especially for all the Aussies, Kiwis & non-US folks. 


Introducing Get InstaSavvy...
5 modules to make your account Insta-Awesome


To get you started in the right way, our first module covers everything from defining your goals to getting clear on your ideal customer. We cover what all the icons & buttons mean, as well as setting up your bio the right way, sharing from Instagram to other social media platforms plus a whole lot more to make your life on Instagram a breeze.


Obviously one of the most important things about Instagram is sharing great photos & videos! So in this module we give you the tips and tools we use to make our images & videos ‘pop' plus a heap of content ideas to spark those creative juices. We also show you how to get your photos & images from your computer onto your phone and into Instagram.


Love 'em or hate 'em, if you want to have success on Instagram you need to understand how to use hashtags. We’ll show you how to find out which ones to use, where you should be using them and the difference between hashtagging and tagging. Oh, and also how to use hashtags to find your customers!


Everyone wants to know how to get more followers on Instagram so we'll show you how to make the most of every opportunity to tell people that you’re on Instagram, how to set up a simple Instagram contest and how to find the best people to follow (so that they’ll follow you back).


Scheduling posts, setting up a content calendar, finding accounts to collaborate with....we cover it all. Plus, we also show you which stats matter & how to keep track of them, how to use Instagram Direct and how you can sell directly from your Instagram account.


Throughout the course we've included a heap of bonuses to give you extra nuggets of info to help you along the way. This includes interviews with prominent Instagrammers who share their insights into how to grow an engaged Instagram following plus lots of little ninja tricks (that you only ever hear about in hushed voices.)

So for $197 AUD
you'll get...

* Over 35 high quality videos showing you exactly which buttons to press and walk you through every process step-by-step

* Access to our Facebook support group where we answer all your burning questions (and there are NO stupid questions)

* Fun worksheets to help you work through the tasks and your next action steps

* Live Q&A calls where you can have your account reviewed and receive personalised feedback

* Lifetime access to all updates

* Friendship and support of everyone else in the group (and believe us, these are GOOD people)

Watch this video

Don't just listen to us, listen to them

Rachel Zinman says: 

It's a brilliant course, covers everything, and I have had nothing but success following all the tips and tricks.

Rachel Zinman

Jannine Baron says:

It was better than I thought it was going to be. So well organised and thorough. Very professional and impressive. So many online courses are not! This is world class.

Jannine Baron

Sandra, Active Inspite says:

Speaking from experience and not knowing Dotti Media personally, I can vouch that they are very thorough. I’ve completed two other Instagram courses (created by influencers with huge followings) and Dotti Media far exceeds in support & genuineness with the delivery of their modules.

Active Inspite

Meet the Dotti girls

Angela & Miranda from Dotti Media have helped hundreds of small business owners with their Instagram marketing. It all started when someone asked them when they were going to run some Instagram training (they were already well known for their Facebook training). The girls realised there was a real need for small business owners (just like them) to understand this growing platform, so they started running workshops in the Byron Bay area.

Fast forward 18 months and they've taken their 'Get Instasavvy' workshops on the road to Melbourne, Brisbane & the Gold Coast, been featured on several podcasts, written guest posts for popular blogs and created the online version of Get Instasavvy just for you.

It's their mission to excite & empower small business owners to rock their Instagram accounts.

Why Instagram?

- There's over 400 million users worldwide & over 5 million in Australia (that's over 20% of the Aussie population) 

- Users spend 21 minutes a day on the platform (which is more than any other social media network except for Facebook)  

- Engagement rate is 5X that of Facebook

- It's fun and easy to use

We'd love you to join us


I'm not sure if this course will be too basic for me...

Get InstaSavvy is NOT for you if your followers are growing rapidly on a daily basis, you're consistently creating content that gets high engagement and you're directing followers to directly take action with your business – whether it’s purchase from you, sign up to your email list or visit your local business.

Get InstaSavvy is RIGHT for you if none of the above applies to you!

How long will it take me to go through the course?

Each module is delivered weekly over a 5 week period. It's designed this way to give you time to really master the skills & knowledge before moving onto the next stage. Each week it will take you 1 - 2hrs to work through the video modules and then the rest of the week to start putting your new skills into practice.

Once the 5 weeks is up you have lifetime access to all future updates so that you can dip in and out whenever you need a refresher

I have a service based business, will Get InstaSavvy work for me?

YES. We run a service based business and put what we teach into practice. We've had heaps of service-based business owners and entrepreneurs attend our workshops who have all walked away extremely happy and inspired. Feel free to email us on if you're still not sure.

How do I access the training videos & pdf's?

You'll get your own unique login to the membership site so that you can log in when it suits you. The course layout is super easy to navigate through.

(For the techies amongst you, the course is built on the Zippy Courses platform & the videos are hosted in Wistia)

How quickly will I grow my following?

That really depends on how much effort you put into applying everything you learn. We can't guarantee you'll reach 1000 followers overnight but we CAN guarantee that you'll understand how to market your business better on Instagram.

What if I change my mind once I've purchased?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure that you’re happy with the course. All we ask is that you submit your request to us along with all of your completed worksheets at within 30 days of your purchase date.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get started on Instagram.
Up your game.
Raise your profile.
Make more sales.